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It is widely known smoking is a nasty habit which is harmful to smokers’ health. Yet there are millions of people all over the world that are simply not ready to give up their smoking habit. Beyond the addiction to nicotine, smoking seems to offer some kind of pleasure that many smokers seems to enjoy and there for not wish to quit.

It is definitely something for every smoker to consider as a better, considerably less toxic way to smoke.
The electronic cigarette is possibly one of the greatest new and is coming to help in that battle.

The electronic cigarette is basically a device that looks like a cigarette, delivers “smoke” and if you like nicotine you can add it, and allows the smoker to enjoy the smoking experience.
So if the smoker is still smoking, how can there be advantages?

Most smoking-cessation methods focus on one component of smoking: nicotine addiction. However, even with the assistance of medications that treat nicotine addiction, the success rate for quitting remains low. Based on a Cochrane review of seven studies4–9 that measured smoking cessation using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), the average
6-month point prevalence of smoking abstinence is only 17.8%, and the 6-month point prevalence of smoking abstinence in the pooled data from these studies is only 11.9%.
Several studies10,11 have suggested that physical and behavioral stimuli—such as merely holding a cigarette—can reduce the craving to smoke, even in the absence of nicotine delivery.

Given that both nicotine and smokingrelated cues appear to influence cigarette craving, ecigarettes may present a unique opportunity to promote smoking cessation. Two preliminary studies12–14 provide evidence that e-cigarette use suppresses the urge to smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are not producing any of the negative aspects of traditional smoking like tar, and up to 4000 different types of chemicals. Please read this Public Health study from the University of Boston USA.

Source: Michael B. Siegel, MD, MPH, Kerry L. Tanwar, BA, Kathleen S. Wood, MPH


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The New Joye cigarettes eGo Tank kit builds on the achievements of the eGo.

Its huge 650 mAh battery enables over 800 puffs a day. The eGo-T is the first e-cigarette to apply the new tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 3ml tank cartridge without the use of tissue inside the tank.

This revolutionary new e-cigarette makes dripping easier and less frustrating for consumers.
The eGo-T consists of tank cartridge, tank atomizers and batteries. It offers five times as many puffs as other normal e-cigarette.

The eGo-T gives a realistic feel and provides lots of vapor with mechanisms inherited from the eGo double air circulation system. The new power saving battery function improves the efficiency of power consumption. In off position, the eGo-T will not function even when pressing the battery button.



These are the newest genuine Joye 510-T's.
They combine the innovation of Joye eGo-T and the most popular mini e-cigarette in the market the Joye 510.

The Joye 510-T Starter kit come with:
- 2 Joye 510-T atomizers,
- 2 Regular Joye510 Manual Batteries
- 5 empty semi-transparent 510-T tank cartridges (White).

Joye are currently only offering an Automatic version battery kit which works with a Special USB charger.
Considering that regular Joye 510 manual batteries and regular chargers are more common out there,
We offer these with a manual battery option.

The advantage of Joye 510-T is it's tank system which holds 0.5ml e-liquid in it's tank cartridge without any polyfill inside.

The E-Cigarette is also known as the Vapor Electronic Cigarette


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